about the artist:
robbi goldberg currently resides in westhampton beach.  from 1983-1996 she lived and painted full time on the greek island of ios.  in ios she produced a body of work which reflected her desire to capture and record scenes from a vanishing way of life.  her twelve-foot painting of the village is owned by the village and exhibited in the ios town hall.  her work has been shown in ios, athens, and thessaloniki, greece; berlin, germany; israel; moscow, russia; washington dc; westhampton and southampton, new york. 

in the fall of 1997 robbi spent two months driving 12,000 miles around the usa with her beloved dog maya.  this trip became the basis of a book, "maya and me:  on the road around america"  of ninety water colors along with a daily journal.  it  is available on her website for downloading.

robbi spent the summer of 2000 painting fifty pictures of her favorite team, the new york mets.  there are twenty-five paintings (acrylic on canvas) of the players batting or pitching and twenty-two paintings (pastel on paper) of the players in that quintessential baseball stance, “leaning on their bats.”  in march 2008, she added a pastel painting of david wright “leaning on his bat” to this collection.  these paintings have been shown in many venues around long island.

in august of 2002 she completed a “triptych” (a painting done on three separate but attached canvases) of “main street, east moriches” that is 7 feet by 20 inches.  this painting continues her desire to paint the places where she has lived. 

currently, robbi is working on a series of paintings of long island’s east end farmstands (acrylic on canvas).  since 2005, these paintings have been shown at many venues thruout long island.  in august 2006, the book, “hep guide to long island farmstands” was published with robbi’s farmstand paintings as the cover art.   

robbi goldberg has a bachelor's degree in political science and a master's degree in international business from the george washington university.  she is self-taught as a painter.


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