what is a giclee reproduction?


giclee, (pronounced zhee clay) a french word, meaning “to spurt” or “to

squirt”, (the ink from the nozzle) has been made possible by advances

in both computer and printing technology. 


the original painting is digitized, either by scanning it directly or photographing

it with a very specialized digital camera, onto a computer.  when the image is

deemed perfect by the giclee artist, it is saved onto a cd rom. 


the printing process involves eight colors (as opposed to traditional

lithography which uses four colors).  this process makes the fidelity to

the original artwork just about perfect. 


each giclee is individually ordered and printed.  giclees can be printed

on either fine water color paper or canvas.  giclees on canvas that are

delivered unstretched (safely rolled up in a mailing tube) must be stretched

on to wooden stretchers before they are framed.


if ordering a giclee, please allow for extra delivery time, as each one

must be ordered and printed individually from an outside source.


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