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With Greece in the news, I thought of you. Love your work.
-- Jim Peters, 6/30/15

Just love the ios paintings, somehow they say it all. Have you ever thought about going back there to paint? Seems to me it beckons you to return.
-- Andy Masino, 8/22/14

Very good work! The picture that touched me most of all is the portrait of my dearest grandfather Vaggelis "kounistis". At the first opportunity, I will buy this portrait.
-- Maria Legaki, 10/6/12

like the the watercolors, who would have thought you worked in watercolor.must have been a great with Maya
-- Andy Masino, 2/7/12

I never knew you were so good!!!
-- Allen Cuttler, 6/20/11

amazing art work, you inspire me to pick up a paint brush and at least try!!!
-- Leigh Browne, 2/6/11

late in signing up but very interested in seeing more
-- Grania Brolin, 1/5/11

an incredible talent you have robbi, x x
-- Leigh M Browne, 7/14/10

Lovely work All captures the essences of the areas. Love the Mets
-- Bill Conrad, 7/7/10

Beautiful website! Please email me to remind me about this year's "Art in the Yard"!
-- Sylvia Ender, 4/21/10

do you have even the SLIGHTEST idea of how good you are? harry
-- Harry, 4/21/10

What a big talent you are Miss Robbi. Please do not stop painting you are a breath of fresh air. So varied, each viewpoint is such perfection. Regards GAyle
-- Gayle Osman-lopata, 3/17/10

Robbi, it's about time the rest of the world is able to view your amazing work! Love, Carol
-- Carol P. Boyer, 12/1/09

Your work is extraordinary,so beautiful!All the paintings remind me so much of the sites you see in the summer driving by and through the small villages and towns that i live near. I am so glad to have found this web site to show some of my work on.
-- James Lasenby, 11/6/09

really like your approach
-- Marvin Fields, 11/2/09

was great to see the photos of ios how i remember it. also the trip with miya the photos felt like i was their. keep up your great work
-- Linda Mcgranaghan, 7/19/09

It's a pleasure to view your beautiful and expressive artwork. I have just skimmed the surface and look forward to returning again and again to enjoy your talented view of the world. Love, Cousin Shelly
-- Shelly Greenman Catalan, 6/16/09

Truly amazing Robbi! The website is great and the paintings are beautiful.
-- Tanya Vogel, 6/8/09

Love the Fruit!
-- David Goldberg, 6/5/09

Good luck on your new site.
-- Sol Olinsky, 6/5/09